About This Blog

What You May Find Here

We spend our days playing, learning and laughing. Then I spend my nights blogging about our adventures in the hopes of sharing something that inspires you. 

Here I share crafts, activities, recipes, stories and adventures. I also plan to share my thoughts on various parenting topics. This is a hodgepodge outlet for all things pertaining to childhood.

About Our Family

That's me. I'm Joyce and I'm a stay at home mom to one little boy. I enjoy being able to stay home with him and I'm currently contemplating homeschool. I really enjoy planning activities for him. I also love to crochet and I'm starting to dabble in sewing. I enjoy the outdoors. I often romanticize homemaking. But this is only one side of me and it's the side most relevant to this blog. I also possess an odd sense of humor and an undying love of music, particularly music that I would never let my son listen to.

This is my husband, Kevin. He's amazing. He enjoys being outside and gardening. He also loves to play video games. We use to play together, but now that I have this blog our late night game playing has been greatly reduced. Now he plays while I type. He works very hard for me to be able to stay home. He is hilarious and fun. He's great with R and plays differently than I do. He is always thinking of us. I'm very lucky to have him.

This is R. He's absolutely the best thing to have happened to me. To us. Kevin and I are in agreement. He's five and my best buddy. He's hilarious and he knows it. He also knows that I'm especially weak for his humor and will extend bedtime when he's on an extra hilarious silly kick. (What can I say? I'm a total sucker.) He loves to sing and dance. He's an entertainer. He's also slightly reserved. He's not typically a hyper child and can spend hours quietly playing with animal figurines or looking at books. He's sympathetic and caring. He'll stop to help someone that's fallen while everyone else continues the game of tag. He loves to color and paint and play board games. He adores outer space. He loves being outside. He loves nature. He's the only child I know that will ask to leave the playground early so that we can go on a nature walk. He's also naturally a helper. He wants to help me with everything. I'm lucky. Incredibly lucky.

Why I Blog

I started this blog as a scrapbook for the days I spend with R. I was hoping that it would serve as a reminder to make our days intentional and full of purpose. It definitely serves that purpose, but I've found that I blog for more than just that reason now.

I continue to blog because I enjoy making connections with other like minded and family oriented individuals. So many blogs, bloggers, and readers have inspired me and helped to shape my days. The blogging community is full of amazing tips, resources and inspiration. And I'm not talking about the posts alone, but also the comment sections! I'm glad to be a part of this community. I also hope that you find something you like from my little space in the blogosphere.

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