Monday, June 27, 2011

R Has A Pen Pal!

We were lucky enough to find a pen pal for R after seeing this wonderful blog post about a pen pal kit. What a fantastic idea! He now has a friend that lives all the way across the country! He's really excited about sending her letters and gifts. I'm not even sure if its really sank in that he will be getting letters in reply. He keeps asking if I think she likes random things. His first letter had questions like, "do you like turtles?" and "do you like leaves?" I spoke with him about how we should write letters. We talked about different greetings and such. Then I wrote as he dictated and he added his signature to the end.

This was the first package we sent. It included his letter, a picture, and a picture he colored just for her. It also included the pencil box, which he decorated, and a few things to go with it. We sent a stamp kit, pencils, a pencil sharpener, stickers, decorative paper, a coloring book and crayons, a little journal, a candy necklace kit, and some sewing themed erasers. The erasers were my favorite! They are adorable. We also wrapped a few of the things in pretty, girly tissue paper before we put it in the box to be mailed. I cheated slightly though, and asked her mom what kinds of things she liked. Even though the pen pal process would have eventually told us more about what she likes, I wanted us to send her things she would love. We are awaiting R's first letter, but have heard that our box was a hit!

Not only is this really exciting for me R, it is also educational. So far we have learned about composing letters, choosing gifts based on the other person's interests, mailing a package, and a little about geography. He is also being exposed to language in a new way. And I am very excited about future fun and learning experiences.

Do your children have pen pals? Did you have a pen pal when you were a child?

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