Saturday, August 6, 2011

We Enjoyed Charlotte's Web- The Book & Classic Movie

I have been reading Charlotte's Web to R and he has really enjoyed the book. We read a little at meal times, bed time, and any other time we might feel like a good story. He sits and listens very well and he looks forward to our time spent reading. We finished the book yesterday morning, just in time to go see the movie. The movie was being projected on the outside of our local art museum as a part of their summer program, "Classic Movies in the Park."  He was so excited.

We have been limiting screen time and R hasn't watched television in over a week, so this was a treat. We packed our chairs, blankets and cooler. We ate our dinner as we waited for night to fall. We watched the ducks and geese that were brave enough to come into the crowds searching for food.  And when it was time to start the movie, R crawled into my lap, where he stayed the entire time. Afterwards, we talked about the differences between the book and the movie. It led to a nice discussion and I loved hearing R's answers.

Then, even though it was late, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to walk around the park and show R all of our favorite places. He loved it and proclaimed that he wished he could live there. There was no playgrounds in sight, but lots of water and rocks and trees. And a lot of wildlife. There are so many ducks and geese that it warrants a "Ducks Crossing" sign on the nearby street. There are a ton of fish.  We also spotted a muskrat swimming along beside us. We'll have to go back during the day to explore a little more and get a few good pictures.

So, not only did Charlotte's Web entertain us for days while we were reading, but it also provided a perfect opportunity to do some cuddling and a little exploring.

There won't always be a "Classic Movies in the Park," but a lot of children's books have been turned into movies. Here is a website that has a large list with varying age levels. I see quite a few that we might enjoy together as a family. And although I'm sure it will never be a regular occurrence, with a little research, this could possibly revive our "family movie night" on occasion.

Are there any child friendly movies, that are based on books, that you would recommend?

Shibley Smiles


  1. This post counts as a Summer Reading Challenge August entry.

    We love Curious George.

  2. we love charlotte's web the movie with dakota fanning i think was cute.

    saw your comment about the guinea pig they make great pets for kids they are friendly, and sweet. You can get them out and play with them, they love to snuggle. As for the potty issue while out it varies for each guinea pig some do some don't so far Butterscotch has only gone potty 1 time and it wasn't messy. my fault i knew it was coming just not fast enough to get back to the cage.

  3. my girls loved spiderwick the movie and books. we love narnia, diary of a wimpy kid and Percy Jackson.

    my girls are 5 and almost 11. so they entertained both (and mommy).

  4. I think a movie in the park sounds like a lot of fun!


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