Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Filling November With Gratitude And An Exciting Challenge

I cannot believe it's already November! Time is really flying by as the days turn into nights far too quickly. November is a time of reflection for many and I, too, have been thinking about my life, my family, and how I spend my days.

We try to work on being appreciative all year long and I think we do a pretty good job. R is both appreciative and giving. He appreciates the things we give him and the time we spend with him. He tells me thank you for dinner every night and it is not uncommon for him to stop mid activity to tell me that he loves me and to thank me. Just last night, as I was painting his little face, he raised his hand to signal he had to talk. "Thank you, Momma. I love you so much," is what he had to say. Seriously, how did I get so lucky?

This month I want to continue to focus on gratitude. I want to get R involved, but I also want to focus on being grateful myself. I am grateful. I am thankful for so much and I feel like my actions need to make that more apparent. Instead of just saying I'm thankful for my family, I want to focus on showing my family that I am grateful for them. Instead of just saying that I'm thankful for my home, I want to take more pride in doing the things that need to be done.

There's also something else this month that I'm quite excited about. Two of my favorite blogs have joined together to present the blogging world a hands on play challenge for the month of November. You can read about this fantastic challenge at the blogs Hands On:As We Grow and The Imagination Tree. We are happily participating and I'm excited to see what they have in store for us. This comes at a perfect time for me because I want to spend even more time focusing on playing with R. It's also an example of why I am so thankful for the blogging community. There are so many wonderful ideas and and a lot of support out there.

My mission statement for this challenge:
I want to have fun spending uninterrupted time with my son. I want him to experience new ideas and concepts in play. I want to see him feel special while we are making memories I'll remember always. I want to enjoy little stolen moments. 

His interests are:
Outside play
Pretend play
Cooking and baking

Will you be joining the challenge? What are you planning for the month of November?


  1. That photo is darling!

    I love your idea of showing gratitude by taking more pride in doing the things that need doing.

  2. Thank you, Maryanne! I lucked out with that picture for sure. I love playtime pictures! Thank you for the comment :)


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