Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Leaves


  1. What a cutie! I have been reading a few of your recent posts, and you are so creative. I especially love the geoboard. I wish I had seen it before we went on our recent road trip. It would have probably kept the whining about the long car ride at bay for a bit.

  2. Such a cutie! Wish we had leaves like that around here!

  3. Aww, thank you Rebekah for stopping by with such kind words. You should definitely still make the geoboard! If your kids are anything like my little guy they'll love it. I've actually been quite surprised with how much it has been played with. Seriously, when he's begging me to do this or that and I've already been doing all of those things and it's time for me to actually be productive in more than just playing.. I can say "why don't you go play with your geoboard?" To which he replies "OH YEAHHHHHH" and merrily runs off. I'm not even joking. It will be a sad day when it starts to lose it's appeal.

    Rachel- I would have been more than happy to send you some! Maybe next year. The weather has been horrible lately and I'm sure the leaves will never dry out now. Playing in leaves will be switched to playing in much.


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