Monday, December 12, 2011

Unavoidable and Temporary Hiatus

I've been dreading writing this, as if writing it will be the factor to make it all true. It has actually pained me to be inactive on this blog for the last week, but it has been unavoidable. Truth be told, I had planned on taking the month off, and then talked myself into thinking I really could do it all. I can't.

This month we have battled a stomach virus, we are moving, and we are going on a week long vacation. All of this on top of the holidays, of course. I am frantically trying to make a home for us before Christmas. I'm not aiming for perfection. That won't happen. But it has still been a lot of work to make it livable and remotely comfortable. Also, I'm not sure that we will have internet access while on vacation. This month is going to be hectic and blogging just isn't something I can make a lot of time for right now. In spite of my previous grand plan.

I will still be posting about one of our traditions for the fabulous Creative Christmas Countdown. I hope that you are still following along with that and checking out what so many other great bloggers have in store for you. Look for me on day 20! And I will be guest posting over at hands on : as we grow this month. I am very excited about that opportunity and I will pop back in to let you know when it's posted! It's such an exciting month and I'm kind of bummed I'm missing out!

I wanted to take this time to thank my readers, fans, and friends. The last few months my blog following has started to grow and I have all of you to thank. I really appreciate every page view and every comment. I hope that you'll remember me in the new year. I'm excited about what the new year will have in store for Dinosaurs And Octopuses and I know I'll be ready to jump back in.

Have you noticed the changes? I'm most excited about my new address and my blog's new Facebook page! I'm officially a dotcom. Did you notice that up there? All links and bookmarks are automatically redirected here so it really was easy and worry free. Also, now you can follow Dinosaurs and Octopuses on Facebook. Typically, I use the Facebook page to share my blog posts and some favorite posts from several other wonderful blogs. I'll be more active with that again as well, just as soon as we get past this crazy month!

Thank you all for reading and for your support. I really appreciate everything.


  1. Good luck with everything Joyce.

  2. good luck, and enjoy the break - it will all still be here when you come 'back'. :)

  3. Blogs come and is forever...just relax and we'll be here, waiting for your posts when you get back! Happy, Merry Everything!

  4. You sound very busy! Enjoy a well-deserved break!!!

  5. Thank you everyone! It was hard for me to completely step away, but I definitely needed to prioritize. I missed it though!


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