Friday, April 6, 2012

Upcycled Flower Craft

Today, I'm thrilled to have a guest post from the wonderful blogger behind JDaniel4's Mom. I began reading JDaniel4's Mom blog way before I had a blog of my own, so this is very exciting for me!

Flower craft made out of a bottle

My name is JDaniel4’s Mom and my blog is JDaniel4’s Mom. My blog features things that my four year old son and I are creating, exploring, and learning . It has a strong emphasis on healthy eating, interacting with books, and creative thinking. I am thrilled to be here on Childhood Beckons today! What an honor to get to share my idea for an upcycled or recycled soda bottle flower with you. 

We tend to have a huge pile of bottles, cans, and boxes in our recycling box in the garage. Each week I take some of them to the recycling center and some items stay in the box to be used for crafts. A large soda bottle had spent a long time in the recycling box waiting to be used in a craft. We don’t get soda often so, I wanted to save the bottle for a really special craft. This upcycled flower is super easy to make and look wonderful in front of my kitchen window where the light can stream through its petals. 

How did we make it? 

Supplies: 1 green 2 liter soda bottle 1 pastel colored cupcake liner 1 patterned cupcake liner 1 soda bottle cap 1 large straw with a hole punched in it three inches from the top 1 brass fastener Knife with sharp point Scissors 
Additional supplies for its flower vase: 1 plastic water bottle with its top cut off 12 small rocks

Directions: Mom section of directions:
  1. Cut the soda bottle so only the bottom 1/3 remains.
  2.  Cut slits around the top of the remaining bottle to create petals.
  3. Pierce the bottom of the bottle in the center to create a hole with a sharp knife point.
  4. Place holes large enough for the straw to pass through three inches above and below the center hole in the bottom on the soda bottle with scissors.
  5. Place a hole in the center of the bottle cap with a sharp knife point.
  6. Place holes in each of the cupcake liners.
Child’s section of directions:
Flower craft diy
  1. Place the bottle cap facing up on the brass fastener.
  2. Turn the patterned cupcake liner inside out and then place it on top of the brass fastener.
  3. Place the pastel cupcake liner on top of the patterned liner on the brass faster.
  4. Weave the straw into the bottom hole on the soda bottle and then out the top hole.
  5. Place the sharp end of the brass fastener through the hole in the straw and then through to soda bottle bottom.
  6. Flatten the brass fastener.
  7. Fold back the petals you have in the bottle to open up your flower.
  8. Place the flower in a water bottle.
  9. Add rocks around the flower’s stem to help it stand up.
I hope you have fun creating a recycle soda bottle flower of your own.


  1. Cute, cute, cute! We have some upcycled flowers we've been making too - never thought of using bottles for them! Very colorful!

  2. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this craft on your wonderful blog.

  3. I'm so glad you liked the post, One Mommy. JDaniel4's Mom is a talented and creative lady :)

    And thank you so much JDaniel4's Mom. I'm really honored to have you on my blog. You were one of the first blogs I remember reading so it's a big deal :)


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