Thursday, August 9, 2012

Small {Out of this} World Play

small world play with space

What do you get when you combine play dough with Safari Ltd. space toys and educational posters? A stellar afternoon of small world pretend play (pun fully intended)! R is in love with space and insists he wants to be an astronaut when he gets over his fear of "way up high heights," so when we received a package containing space goodies from Safari Ltd. we were ecstatic.

invitation to play

I began by setting up a space to create and explore. I hung the "Our Solar System" and "The Moon" posters with ticky tack on opposite walls in a corner of his playroom. Then I covered his table with a plastic tablecloth and set up the figures from his Space TOOB with some of our homemade play dough.

learning and playing with posters and play dough

R really enjoyed looking at the posters and talking about our solar system. These posters are both beautiful and informative. We spoke about each object as he recreated them with play dough. He even had fun putting them in the correct order. He's a stickler for accuracy (except for when it comes to the scale of his planets :).

creative play with space toys and play dough

And then the play really began. He had each figure fly from planet to planet, avoiding asteroids before crashing into the sun. Except for the monkey. The monkey apparently knew better.

That monkey made a mess though. R exclaimed, "that monkey is getting into all kinds of trouble!" Before I knew it, the monkey was wrecking the entire solar system. Things were crashing all around and everything was buried beneath the play dough rubble. 

imaginative play with space toys and play dough

He played for hours and was sad when it was time to stop for dinner. This kind of imaginative play is fantastic for making time fly.

But how did the toys fare after all of this play? They are still just as wonderful as the day we got them. After a lot of love and some rough play, they still look like new.The quality is amazing and I know that we'll be playing and learning with them for a long time to come.

Space is the current obsession in my household and R has been creatively playing with these toys non stop. Did you see how he used them with our paper bag puppets? But Safari Ltd. has a wide range of other replicas to choose from as well. Whether your kids love fairies or dinosaurs, animals or history, Safari Ltd has something to offer.

You can take a look around at their website, or connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

{Disclaimer- Safari Ltd sent me these products to review. I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions expressed are honest and my own. Also, I was to review them in *one* post but the likelihood of me posting about these products again is great. I will not be compensated for other posts, I am simply writing and sharing ideas that may contain these products because they lend themselves well to creative and imaginative play. Which we are all about. And, as I mentioned before, my son is smitten. :)}


  1. What great toys! I love that they walked all over the planets.

  2. Fantastic! I love how he was able to completely immerse himself in space!

  3. Love it! He did an awesome job with the planets!!! Just shared this on FB!

  4. What fun! The figurines in the tubes look like so much fun and the playdough adds such fun to the educational experience. The posters are great!

  5. can you check out my new teaching blog and help me pick a design? Would really appreciate it.

  6. Oh how fun! Isn't Safari Ltd the best? I just love their products :)

  7. i love the monkey comment! he's such a hoot!


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