Saturday, January 19, 2013

25 Family Time Activities- Going Out

Last week I shared 25 family time activity ideas for when you want to stay home. But sometimes you just have to get away! Here are 25 ideas to look forward to when you want to venture out.

25 Family Time Activities for when you really just want to go out!

25 More Family Time Ideas:

1. Go to the fair. Ride the ferris wheel, eat a batch of cotton candy that's bigger than your head, win a goldfish! 

2. Go camping. Set up camp at a state park or even a friend's backyard for a change of scenery!

3. Visit an arcade. Bring a big bag of change and play until it's gone!

4. Go to the movies. A classic for a reason!

5. Go fishing. Here are a few tips for fishing with kids.

6. Go skating. Call to see if your local rink hosts a family night!

7. Volunteer as a family. Get involved! 

8. Bowling. This is a family favorite!

9. Take a hike! Take a walk through nature together as a family. It's great exercise and great fun!

10. Visit a museum. Art, natural history, children's museum. What museums are near you?

11. Watch a play. Visit your local high school's production of Beauty and the Beast, or spring for a bigger show!

12. Visit the library. Explore the shelves. Race to find a specific book. Attend the story time. 

13. Go to a park. Or five. Make it a mission to play at as many parks as possible.

14. Go on a scavenger hunt. Make a list beforehand and then visit a park, store, etc and try to find all of the items. 

15. Attend a sporting event. Cheer on the home team together as a family!

16. Have a day of picnics. Plan to eat every meal out on the grass with the ants. Maybe as you are park hopping?

17. Go bike riding. Don't forget your helmets!

18. Go through the car wash. For fun. Lots of giggles!

19. Go letterboxing or geocaching. So much fun!

20. Pick your own fruit and vegetables. Find a place near you.

21. Go swimming. Splash around in a pool, pond, or lake on a warm day. 

22. Attend a puppet show. A lot of libraries host puppet shows!

23. Explore a neighboring town. What looks interesting? Try a new place to eat. See the sights.

24. Play tourist in your own town. Don't forget the camera!

25. Visit the zoo. Spend some time looking at your favorite animals. Take turns navigating.

What does your family like to go do? Do you have a favorite activity or place to visit?

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