The Very Hungry Giant- My Story Based on Clouds

Tell stories based on pictures in clouds

This is the story I told based on an image R seen in the clouds. R's interactions are in orange.

The Very Hungry Giant

What do you see in the clouds?

I see.. a giant mouth!

Oh, well that reminds me of a story! Once upon a time there lived a giant in the sky. A great, big giant. And he was so big, and so huge that he was always hungry! He ate and ate, but one day he ran out of food. He was so hungry.

So the giant started looking around for something else to eat. He looked down and seen an apple tree. Oh, those apples looked delicious!! But he didn't want to eat them all because the apple tree belonged to the townspeople, and they needed to eat too.

"The townspeople won't mind me taking one apple," the giant thought as he reached down with his giant fingers and plucked one tiny, little apple. He tossed the apple into his humongous mouth. There was a problem. The apple was just too small! It was merely a crumb to the giant. A crumb that he couldn't even taste. He was still hungry.

So the giant searched for something else to eat. And what did he find? A garden!! But the giant couldn't eat the whole garden. Then the townspeople wouldn't have anything to eat.

"The townspeople surely wouldn't miss one of each vegetable," the giant thought as he reached down with his giant fingers and started picking vegetables. He picked one tomato and tossed it into his humongous mouth. It was tiny. He couldn't even taste it! So he picked one bean, one squash, and one ear of corn. He tossed those into his humongous mouth. And he couldn't taste those either! He dug up one carrot and one potato. They were so tiny, but he was hopeful as he tossed them into his humongous mouth. But no. They were much too small for the giant and he couldn't taste those either. He was still very hungry, but he decided to give up and try to go to sleep.

That night, the townspeople heard what they thought was thunder. It started as a low rumble, but grew and grew into a loud grumble. It wasn't thunder. What do you think it was?

The giant's tummy!

That's right. It was the giants tummy. He was so hungry that his tummy started growling. The growling grew and it got louder and louder until it was rumbling. And it wasn't just loud. You could feel the rumbling! It was shaking the ground.

The townspeople had to do something. But what?

One person said, "I don't have enough apples to feed a giant!"

And another person said, "well I certainly don't have enough carrots to make that giant's tummy stop rumbling!"

What could they do?

They could put some of all of their food together!

They could do that! And that's just what one of the townspeople said. One boy in the town, R, suggested that they combine some of each of the foods. They could make a big fruit salad and a huge pot of vegetable soup!

The townspeople worked and gathered all of the food. The cut and peeled. They salt and peppered. They cooked. And by morning they had a huge meal for the giant.

But how could they get the food to the giant?

They could build something that shoots it up into the sky!! ...But that would take forever.

So how else could the giant get the food?

He could just reach down and pick it up!

He could do that! And one boy in town suggested that. But they needed to get the giant's attention! So they all stood around and called to the giant. They yelled and yelled but it wasn't working. But that little boy, R, knew just what to do. They needed to work together and yell the same thing at the same time!

They all held hands and counted to three and then yelled, in a sing-song voice, "We have some food for you, giant!" They waited. But he didn't hear. So they yelled it again. "We have some food for you, giant!" Nothing still.

But R suggested that they try one more time, so they all yelled...

"We have some food for you giant!"

And the giant heard! He heard the townspeople and he looked down and seen the big bowls of food and he was happy. And thankful. He reached down and picked up the food that the townspeople had prepared for him and ate. And it was enough! It filled his humongous mouth and it tasted good. His tummy stopped rumbling.

The giant was so thankful that he offered to always help the townspeople reach the things they couldn't reach. He also offered to help fix their roofs and get their cats down from trees.

The end.

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  1. what a cool story! I am glad the giant finally tasted his food!

  2. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to watch clouds with the grandchildren.


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