Thursday, December 16, 2010

On your mark, get set, go!

We have had some horrid weather lately. Weather that we are just not accustomed to. R and I have been spending way more time indoors and its already taking its toll. Winter hasn't even officially started yet! I definately want to be able to mix things up this winter and stay active, even if we have to stay indoors. I was brainstorming last night and a wonderful idea came to me. I was so excited that we tried it out right after breakfast.

R has been really interested in measuring things. He wants to measure everything.. the bed rail, his hand, his candy cane.  The list goes on. So I thought I'd show him something else to measure while burning off some energy. I had him race himself! We brought out his tricycle and my stopwatch. We put his helmet on for safety. After all, this was a race with high speeds and tight turns. He had to ride his tricycle, as fast as he could, through the dining room and around the kitchen island, crossing the finish line into the living room. He loved it. We looked at his first time and then he set out to beat it. Afterwards he wanted to run the course. Then he tried to beat that time. Next, he hopped the course like a bunny. He timed me. We had slow races too. It was an active, fun morning that didnt involve the cold. He even stayed in his pajamas.

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