Friday, December 17, 2010

Candy Cane Playdoh

Give candy cane play dough as gift

The big excitement for today was making gifts for a few of our friends. We also saved some for us. We made candy cane playdoh with the recipe I found from Crunchy Domestic Goddess. I used her basic recipe for playdoh and added the peppermint oil like a commenter had suggested.

And as I had mentioned previously, R loves to measure, so this was a great activity for him.

Fun with measuringFun with pouring

I let him pour and measure everything by himself, except for the oil.  I only had a full gallon and I worried about the awful mess I'd have if he tried to pour it into a tablespoon, so I helped with that. After we combined all the ingredients he watched while I stirred. It didnt take long and was incredibly easy. After it stiffened, we rolled it out onto wax paper and let it cool. While it was cooling he made some picture labels for the containers we will be giving it in. It didn't take long to cool, and in his anticipation.. it didn't take long for him to make the labels. Then it was back to work.

We separated it into balls and added the peppermint oil and food coloring. I folded the color in the first several times so his hands wouldnt be stained forever. I had completely forgot about gloves, and mixing it with a spoon seemed like it would be impossible. I am now sporting some colorful fingertips.

Having fun mixing color into dough

It turned into a nice red color and smelled just like a candy cane. He was really proud of himself, and I loved how it turned out. I seriously doubt I buy playdoh ever again. I loved the texture, the cost, and how utterly easy it was. This was way past his naptime (which is evident by the pictures, ha!) and it was still an enjoyable experience.

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