Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shaving Cream Snowscape!

Shaving Cream Snowscape

We don't get a lot of winter weather here in Alabama so I thought I'd set up an activity to let R pretend to play in the snow. This shaving cream snowscape was even more fun than it was messy. If you could imagine!

I started off by asking R to pick out a few toys he'd like to play with in snow. While he was in the next room, I made a snowscape using shaving cream in a shallow bin.  He had no idea what I was planning.

When he came back, I think he was intrigued but a little hesitant and not fully excited. He doesn't typically like mess. He still loved this. After touching the shaving cream and getting the feel for it, we started adding in his toys. He picked out some trees, dinosaurs, lizards, bugs, a cat, and some robot bad guys.

Playing in shaving cream sensory bin.

Soon after this picture I realized that the bin on top of the table wasn't the right height for him. So he sat on top of the table and played the rest of the time. We listened to Christmas music and played in the snow. Squeels of delight were heard often.

Messy play in shaving cream sensory bin

Messy sensory play with shaving cream

The last picture was obviously taken in messy splendor. He was saying "messy is fuuunnnn!" I'm really glad he enjoyed it so much. In spite of his appearance, he really didn't make a big mess outside of the bin. Sometimes, when R laughs really hard, he puts his hands to his face. There were several times that he was laughing and did this without thinking. Then he'd realized what he'd done and laugh harder.

When it was time to get cleaned up, his daddy wiped the majority of the mess off of him. While he was doing that, I sprayed the shaving cream off of the bin and his toys in the bathtub. Then I ran a bubble bath for him and we played some more. The mess wasn't so bad that I wouldn't want to do this again. In fact, I'm sure we'll do this again next year. Maybe even again this winter season. It was such a big hit.

Do you have any creative uses for shaving cream?


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