Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Sensory Box

Winter Sensory Bin

One of R's favorite activities is playing with sensory bins. He loves them! So I wanted to share the festive winter sensory bin I made him. You can make one too! I used a few craft supplies and items we had on hand from previous winters.

The "snow" is a cotton batting material that I had on hand. You could also use cotton balls, but I just used what I already had. I added blue and clear gems and some white beads to the snow.

The red house was a quick little craft I did last year as well. I cut the top off of an orange juice carton. I painted it red, added red glitter glue, and glued cotton on the roof for snow. The pour spout is the chimney.

 I bought the Santa and the little fur trees at the dollar store last year. I have pom poms randomly hidden in the snow and he uses them as ornaments for the trees. They stick to the needles of the little fake trees and stay nicely. He decorates them over and over.  I also added some toys that he already plays with.  The baby polar bear, puffin and the icy fish are all toys he plays with throughout the year. I also threw in some paper snowflakes, bells, a pine cone, some fake holly, a bow, and a little present ornament.

Last year I really wanted a reindeer for his box, but I could never find one that would be right. This year I finally remembered that you can make basically anything with pipe cleaners! I Googled "pipe cleaner reindeer craft" to get a general idea and Martha Stewart had the example. I didn't follow the instructions exactly. I'm pretty sure hers would have been grander, but I liked how mine turned out.

Pipe Cleaner Reindeer Craft

When R woke up, I showed him his box. He was surprised to see it and he was absolutely delighted. He kept calling it his "surprise winter wonderland" and he thanked me repeatedly. The rest of the day he kept doing little things to surprise me too.

Winter Sensory Bin

What would you add to your winter sensory bin? Please let me know in the comments!

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