Monday, August 29, 2011

Homemade Beach Robe

One of the projects I wanted to finish in time for our vacation was a homemade beach robe. I wanted R to be able to wear his towel back to the house without having to wrap a huge towel around him. It was the only project I got done, and I started it two days before we left. I procrastinate far too much.

I bought some flannel dinosaur fabric on clearance for 2 dollars a yard. I bought a yard, but have enough left over to make another small project. When I found the fabric, I took it with me to the towel aisle and held it against different towels to pick out a color combination that I liked. I bought two bath towels for $2.50 each. Then I took my selections back to the bias tape to pick out a coordinating color. I got three packs of double fold bias tape for around four dollars.

I didn't buy a pattern. I just kind of made one up as I went along. I didn't even have R with me to measure, so I'm really surprised that it turned out as well as it did. I did have the benefit of looking at this website. I just looked at the various pictures and decided what I wanted mine to look like. I was wanting R's to be a bit longer so I kept that in mind when drawing my pattern.  It turned out so cute, and R loved it so much, that I will probably invest in the pattern at the above website if I make any more. I'm sure it would be much easier and more precise. They would be wonderful presents because they are perfect for pools and bath time as well.

I won't really go into a tutorial because I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I've never made anything like that before and had never before attempted sleeves. But it was relatively easy to figure out as I went along. To make the pattern I just bought a cheap pack of white gift tissue paper and drew out a few rough drafts. When I found a shape and size I thought would work, I cut out the pattern and pinned it to the material as my guide. Its not perfect, but for a first attempt I think it turned out really well. Most importantly, R LOVED it and it was functional. I would recommend one for every boy and girl. :)

It's a little big, and although it wasn't a problem, I'll probably add a button/elastic loop closure at the top to keep it up on his shoulders a little better. Maybe. I wanted it a little bulky/plush/comfy though, and he has more room to grow into it this way. Also, if I make another in the future, I believe I'll be adding pockets. Pockets would be cute and useful.

I regret not getting any "magical" pictures. He looks grumpy in every picture, but its because he either didn't want to leave the beach, or wanted to leave faster than I was wanting to. Several nights we heard thunder and he didn't want to wait around for me to snap even a single picture. He was never afraid before the tornadoes, but since then he has a comfort level of about zero with such things. I promise he really did love it! Haha.

I can see more sewing projects in my future as I get more and more brave.


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