Sunday, September 4, 2011

Learning About Responsibility And Nature

My husband works in construction, and one day while he was digging he seen something moving in the ground. He hopped off his equipment and seen that there were several baby snapping turtles that had just hatched. They were so tiny, I can't believe he even seen them from where he was in the equipment. Luckily he did spot them. A construction site is no place for baby turtles. He brought them home with him and the next morning I called The Alabama Reptile Rescue Sanctuary to find out what we should do with them. The man I talked to was very nice and very informative. He suggested that we should just try to find a large body of water to set them free in. Luckily, we live relatively close to a huge lake and thats where we took them.

R fell in love with them quickly and his first opinion was that we should keep the cute baby turtles. We used this opportunity to learn about snapping turtles. We spoke about why they would be happier if we set them free and why we should be responsible with nature. We discussed being safe when trying to help animals. It was a neat learning experience. R was happy to help the seven babies and he watched them bob in the water until they were out of sight. He hopes that one day, when we visit, we might see them again.


  1. oh that is so cool we have a baby red eared slider (well she is a year old now) and another one that is 2 years old)

  2. This is such a sweet story! Thanks for stopping by my blog ( I am a new follower!


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