Saturday, November 12, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I'm excited to say that I've been given The Versatile Blogger Award from All Things Beautiful. I'm honored that she thought of me and thrilled to pass it on to some of my favorite bloggers. Thank you, Phyllis!

The rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to them.
  • Tell everyone seven things about yourself.
  • Pass this award on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know that they've received an award!

Seven things about yours truly:

  1. Growing up and on into my twenties I was sure that I did not want children. In fact, once I was a foster parent for an orphaned puppy. His needs and crying to be fed well into the night annoyed me and I was grouchy the next morning. I promptly found him a home and actually said out loud "This is proof that I should not have children. I love dogs and even that annoyed me!" I was pregnant at the time and didn't know it yet! Seriously, what irony! Just so all of you know, as soon as I found out about my perfect surprise it was love at first thought. I could never stand the thought of not being the one to get up with him in the middle of the night and somehow, when I had him, I was instantly a more patient person. Best surprise EVER.
  2. I love music. I love something from just about every genre. This week I've been digging The Carolina Chocolate Drops (a string/jug band that plays music in the style of 20's and 30's bluegrass), The Smashing Pumpkins (my all time favorite band, always! <3), Patsy Cline (needs no explanation), H2O (punk rock), and That 1 Guy (possibly in a genre all his own!). 
  3. Since I've become a mom, I am hyper aware of what songs I listen to throughout the day. We no longer listen to the radio. 
  4. I love to read and I can devour a book in one night. I honestly can't put them down. It can be frustrating though because I'm often out of things to read. 
  5. I have three tattoos.
  6. I sometimes curse while I crochet. 
  7. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they wear their socks. 

It's hard to choose which blogs to pass this award to, because I read so many great blogs and they are all pretty much new to me. But I had to choose, so here it is, 15 wonderful blogs:


  1. Thanks for including me in your list. I enjoy your blog, too.

  2. Oh, you must tell us more about the socks. I have been missing out on this. :)
    I am going to have to check out your list of fav blogs.

  3. Wow, Thank you! It was great hearing the 7 things about you. It's a great list.

  4. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. This is amazing!

  5. Movin on up in the blogging world arnt you!! Thats because you are awesome!

  6. You are all very welcome!!

    Phyllis, it is a highly developed science of analyzing both style and wear. After analyzing the way you wear your socks and what your socks look like, I can hypothesize a few of your personality traits. Lol. You can't see it, but I'm wagging my eyebrows. I can't really explain it well, and it's not a set in stone opinion of people, just a fun little guestimation. :)

    Katie, I'm trying I guess! Haha. I got this wonderful award from Phyllis, who was kind enough to see something in my blog and think of me. Thanks for thinking I'm awesome! You have me beat on awesomeness though!

  7. You're so quirky :) I love it!

  8. thanks for nominating me. I totally put this on the backburner. I am not sure when I will get to this. Maybe on Thanksgiving. Thanks again.

    I think if you looked at the way I wore my socks it would tell you how unorganized I am. I often have one sock on and one sock off. Every night my daughter looks at me and says, AGAIN because somehow I always end up taking one off at some point and not the other. I think I get an itch and itch and then no more sock on one foot.

    I still listen to songs I shouldn't even with the kids in the room. It is just when they sing the swear words themselves that I go "oh no" and think twice about my "bad" music.

    Fun to get to know you.

  9. I totally understand, Laura! I loved reading about your socks. Haha. That's cute! I let my son listen to unsavory music when he was younger. You should have seen him dancing to "Cyclone." Lol. Do you know the song? I thought it was hilarious and made up a ridiculous dance to go with it. He loved it to and would do the dance, which btw, wasn't a bad dance, just silly. He showed it off at his first birthday party. Lol. But pretty much after that I've been hyper aware and strict.

  10. Thanks for passing this award along to me! I loved reading the seven things about you :)
    I was taking care of a litter of pups when I was (unknowingly) pregnant with my first daughter, puppies are more work in my opinion!
    I have 4 tattoos :)

    Great list of blogs to pass the award to!

  11. Thank you for passing this award on to me! I'm sorry I'm so late getting over here. Pre Thanksgiving craziness about did me in :). I loved reading more about you. I think I would probably curse while crocheting too! Thanks again for the award.

  12. You are very welcome, Little Wonders' Days. I really enjoy your blog! I can completely understand about the holiday craziness.


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