Wednesday, August 22, 2012

African Safari with Whittle World

pretend play african safari with Whittle World toy review

We value creative play and I'm always on the look out for toys that promote creative play. I've had my eye on the Whittle World line for some time now, so I was ecstatic when Melissa & Doug sent me the Whittle World Airplane and Luggage Carrier Set to review. (By the way, I honestly cannot say "Whittle World" without giggling. Genius name! Get it?)

Whittle world airplane and luggage carrier toy review

These toys are absolutely fantastic. R was excited to play with them and immediately made up several of his own pretend play scenarios. I love that this set can encourage play to go in many different directions. And the quality is impressive. I can see R happily playing with them for years to come. 

These toys do not require any fancy set up. Your child's imagination will be enough! But I thought it would be nice to help set up a special activity based on R's love for animals. 

simple african safari small world set up

I was thinking a safari trip to Africa was in order! R loved the idea and was eager to help as we turned a box into the African plains. We kept it simple, and covered the box in green tissue paper. We made a tissue paper watering hole and added a few other details with construction paper. We also made a couple trees from paper lunch bags and bits of tissue paper. For the animals, we colored coloring pages from here, here, and here. We cut the animals out and I made a stand from poster board for each one. This allows the animals to stand upright and be easily moved. We had so much fun working on this project together, and the fun was just beginning!

pretend play plane flies through the air

All of the little people boarded the plane. Their luggage was loaded on, and the pilot announced their take off. Zoom! They're off! R made the sound effects as he flew the plane around and around. This was an activity in itself!

pretend play african safari small world

But after a long flight, it was finally time to land. The little people began their African safari and had a blast taking pictures of the animals. One man swam with a hippo, while another narrowly escaped being charged by a rhino! He played and played until it was time to go inside and put his toys away. 

This was really three activities rolled into one! He's already brainstorming more small world scenes for his imaginative play, and I'm brainstorming more ways to use these toys as learning tools. Everyone is happy. 

{Disclosure- I received this Whittle World Airplane and Luggage Carrier Set from Melissa & Doug for review. I was not compensated in any other way and the views and opinions expressed here are both honest and my own. We plan on *purchasing* the other sets. I'm thinking Christmas? Shh!}


  1. What a fun play set! I love your African Safari and the idea of using the plane to travel to Africa. You are so creative.

    I want that airplane set for our new son!

  2. Great African safari idea! The Whittle Wirld toys are super cool! Have fun!


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