Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY Penguin Board Game

This easy DIY Penguin board game is fun for all kinds of learning! Penguin trivia, colors, shapes, the alphabet, sight words, math problems, etc... How will you play and learn?

I have had the pleasure of guest posting again over at the Safari Ltd. blog and this time I'm sharing this super simple (and very fun!) DIY Penguin Board Game. You can really adapt this to focus on learning a variety of things, or you can play just for fun! 

Just click the link for more details and ways to play! 


  1. You gave me a GREAT idea to use with my Arctic Animal study in my Pre-K class. THANKS! Love that it's very easy to make, and versatile ~ Which means I can use this for my 3's, 4's and 5's (year olds)! Differentiation is often a challenge when trying to meet everyone's needs - and not make completely new (and sadly VERY different) tasks - and you really nailed it. Everyone can and will feel like they are on the same level.


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