Friday, February 1, 2013

The Benefits of Scooters

riding scooters, the benefits of scooters

I didn't give a lot of thought to the benefits of scooters as I was picking one out for R. I just thought he'd like it. But recently, as I watched him riding his scooter, I was absolutely struck by the benefits. I love watching him grow into this new phase of childhood and I look forward to many more afternoons watching him do tricks, fall, and get up again.

benefits of scooters, determination, resilience

The Benefits Of Scooters 

  1. Promotes self-confidence. His pride and self assurance is evident as he masters something new.
  2. Develops balance and coordination. The more he practices, the better he gets!
  3. Provides exercise. He's expending energy and he's further developing his gross motor skills.
  4. Fosters determination. It can be hard to learn a new skill, but practice and determination pays off.
  5. Encourages risk assessment. He's weighing the risks and taking chances.
  6. Increases resilience. He's getting up and trying again after some big falls!
  7. Time outside. And outside time is good.
  8. Knowledge of safety equipment. He discovered the very first day why he should wear his safety gear.
  9. Pure joy. He's happy. Unbelievably happy. 

Do your kids love scooters too? Do you have a benefit to add to the list?

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  1. Just got my 4 year old grand-daughter a scooter. She absolutely loves it! So fun watching her practice and improve right before our eyes. All of the benefits you mentioned are evident---and YAY for any toy that provides that much fun OUTSIDE!!!!!


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